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About Jack Darmody

Working in the field of photography for the past forty years, Jack Darmody has served in the field as an apprentice, studio manager, gallery owner, photojournalist, commercial and industrial, and portrait photographer.  He has published millions of post cards, and brochures, for both East coast and West coast clients.
Jack has studied the Metal Chrome Process, created by famous photographer and art director William Mortensen, whose work hangs in the Smithsonian, under the late Doyle Bailey of Paso Robles, California.  Metal chrome is the chemical conversion of a black and white photograph to color.
As Darmody’s career has progressed, sustaining an artistic process, motivates him, and so he has come up with “Impressions”, the process of converting a photograph, or digital image into a painted like image on canvas.  Every picture has an impressionistic quality that separates it from the standard photograph.
“Jack made an Impressionistic picture from our daughter’s wedding.  It is a beautiful picture, and looks like a real painting.  It is truly a masterpiece and will be a treasured keepsake forever”
            --Pat Cote
“My husband and I really enjoy the Impression Image created by Jack, because it reminds us of our wedding day.  Also it has a timeless quality to it.  It almost seems as if the light and the colors converge to create a universal picture of a loving couple.  It could be any couple, over any time period, showing their trust in each other.  The cool thing is that it is us!  I look at his Impression several times each day, and it motivates me to try to keep time from eroding from what we said to each other that day.”
            --Sharon Garner
“Jack Darmody’s Impression of our wedding photograph is the focal point of our entry way into our home.  The warm image is one that welcome’s our guests and is a true artistic piece.  Friends constantly ask about the photo, and when we had it painted.  They are always amazed when they find out it is not a painting, but rather an “Impression” from a photo!  We look forward to continuing our collection, of Jack Darmody Impressions.”
            --Leslie Gurski
“I loved the Impression.  My daughter’s senior portrait was turned into a work of art.  It was so beautiful and different, the perfect addition to our home!  Seeing her picture transformed into a painting was truly remarkable.  The painting is one of a kind and exposes the unique qualities of the portrait.  Everyone who sees it loves it and wants to know, where they can get one done!”
            --Maggie O'Brien
Jack Darmody currently has two galleries of his work in both the University of Massachusetts, of former Trustee Presidents, and cancer survivors at St. Anne’s Hospital, in Fall River and Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
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